ProDrummer Spike Stent از شرکت East West یک بانک صدای درام آکوستیک می باشد که توسط Spike Stent و تهیه کننده برنده چندین جایزه ، داگ راجرز تولید شده است. این محصول مجموعه ای از کیت های درام اکوستیک را ارائه می دهد که با بهره گیری از ۶۰ گیگابایت سمپل نمونه برداری شده تولید شده است. وی اس تی ProDrummer Spike Stent دارای ۱۰۴ کیت درام و بیش از ۱۴,۰۰۰ ریتم آماده با فرمت MIDI می باشد. دارای ۵% قابلیت ریکاوری در صورت دانلود ناقص.

– ۱۰۴ drum kits in both volumes
– Over 100GBs of perfectly tuned drums performed by Steven Sidelnyk (Madonna, Seal, Massive Attack), and Matt Chamberlain (Peter Gabriel, Bruce Springsteen, Pearl Jam).
– Recorded by the #1 mixer in the music business, Mark ‘Spike’ Stent, 10-time Grammy winning producer Joe Chiccarelli, and co-produced by EastWest’s multiple-award winning producer Doug Rogers.
– Includes Pre-mixed user adjustable Drum Kits from the producers so the drums are ready to be mixed into your track.
– Includes over 14,000 MIDI grooves categorized by style, length, and tempo.
– ۱۶ channel mixer enables complete control of each drum kit, bleed and room mics
– Recorded in 5 studios from dry to very wet.
– The ONLY drum collection to include authentic SSL EQ, Compression, Transient Designer, and Stereo Bus compressor.
– Includes Ohmicide to create EDM or synthesize the drum sounds.
– Includes an Amp Simulator for further drum processing.
– Includes a State of the Art Reverb and 726 presets.
– Includes a Songbuilder sequencer to arrange complete drum tracks inside of the ProDrummer software.
– Includes Sync to DAW to match the groove tempo in your track.
– Includes Drag and Drop to copy drums tracks to your DAW.
– Includes a Drum Velocity Processor and velocity graph to add punch.
– Includes the ability to swap individual drums within a kit, tune them and stack them (2 snares stacked for example).


  • حجم فایل : 56.2 گیگابایت
  • سیستم عامل : ویندوز
  • منبع: ترانه ساز
  • پسورد: (با حروف کوچک تایپ شود)

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